The best way to get your house rented quicker is to make sure it is rent ready. It is very important that your property has curb appeal. That curb appeal is just as important when you are renting out a house as it is when you are selling it. You want to make sure that when I walk up with a resident, the lawn is mowed and the shrubs are well tended and a pot of flowers at the front door wouldn’t hurt. This welcomes the resident in and makes it look like a desirable place to live.

Once we are inside, it’s very important that the house is clean. The carpets should be cleaned and vacuumed. The window coverings should be in place and free of dust or dirt. Make sure the screens have no holes and check the cupboards and drawers to make sure everything is clean and working. When I bring residents into a home, they frequently open and close drawers and cupboards. They check out the closets and test the faucets. Keep this in mind as you are getting the place ready.

Make sure all your appliances are working. There should be no leaks, and you do not want potential residents to notice anything that needs repairs. Check your smoke detectors. They should be in place in each bedroom, in the halls and on any different levels in your home. You need carbon monoxide detectors on each level as well. Look for details; I think your doorstops should be in place to protect your walls. If you have a fireplace, especially a wood burning fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected before a resident moves in and starts to use it. Safety must be a priority.

Finally, it is important to ensure the utilities have a zero balance. Many times, a resident will move into a property and try to get An image of a clean living room ith two white sofas and table in middle of themthe utilities turned on, then finds there is a past due balance from another resident. Get the utilities out of the former resident’s name and ensure the accounts are paid in full.

When you do all of these things, you will create an inviting atmosphere for the residents, which welcomes them in and helps you rent your property quicker. If you have any questions, or you need help getting your home ready to rent, please contact us at PURE Property Management.