Residents who are looking for a rental property often prefer to rent from property management companies instead of private owners. This is because there’s a lot more security involved in renting from a professional management company, and as a resident you can expect more responsiveness and accountability. Today we are sharing five specific reasons that make renting from a property management company a better idea.


When you rent from a property manager, you know the house is going to be inspected and determined to be in good shape. Property managers are motivated to keep their properties well maintained and in excellent condition.

Security Deposits

Residents want to make sure their security deposits are held and processed correctly. Professional property managers will take care of the security deposit at move out, and you won’t have to worry about any inconsistent deductions or messy mistakes.

Legal Knowledge

As property managers, we keep up on all the state, local and federal laws that pertain to rental housing. We know the fair housing laws and we apply it to the resident screening and rental process.

Access to Properties

At the end of a lease, if the residents want to move into a bigger property or something in a different neighborhood, property managers will be able to assist with that. Since we manage more than just one home, we can help relocate you or move you into something else.

Repairs and Maintenance

You will also get timely repairs and immediate handling of maintenance requests when you work with professionals. At PURE Property Management, we have a 24 hour on-call maintenance request line. You don’t have to wait until the weekend for the property owner to get around to making the repairs you need.

We know that a good tenant is an asset to an owner. So we work very hard to place and keep good residents. If you have any questions about working with a professional property manager, please contact us at PURE Property Management.