Advertising your rental property is an important part of finding a finding a great resident and having a successful experience as a landlord. When you place your listing on the market, you want to make sure it’s getting maximum exposure.

Online Advertising

When you’re advertising your property and letting all the prospective renters know that it’s available, you want to start with your website or your property manager’s website. Then, you can move onto third party rental sites such as,, and These are the sites where a majority of new residents are looking for their next rental home. Most property management websites will automatically upload to these sites. Craigslist is also a good way to get a lot of exposure for your rental property.


Signs are also a good way to advertise. You can give people a preview of what is coming, and tell them where they can look to find out more about the home. Make sure the signs are professional and easy to read for people who are driving or walking past them. Always provide contact information so interested residents can contact you for more information.

Pre-Approval Program

Having a preapproval program on your website is also a good idea. We have found that our pre-approval program has been very helpful for residents who may want to rent one of our properties. We have also been successful in getting our properties rented before they are even available. You have to know your inventory and start marketing ahead of time, even if the home is not officially on the market.

We’d love to help you advertise your rental property, so please contact us at PURE Property Management to learn more about how we can work with you.