Today we are talking about how to get top dollar for your rental property. Curb appeal is very important in the amount of money you charge for your home, and how quickly you can get residents to want to rent it. Start with your landscaping. Make sure the lawn looks manicured and neat and green. Ten

ants always prefer green landscaping instead of rock and low maintenance yards always seem to take longer to rent.

To get top dollar for your rental property, give special attention to the inside of the home. You want to have all the walls freshly painted and free from any scratches, spots or fingerprints. Everything in the house should be totally clean. Check the cabinets and the showers as well as all the bathroom surfaces and make sure they are clean, wiped down and sparkling. You do not want anything in your property that is dated or worn out.

When it comes to charging more rent for your home, updated kitchens and bathrooms always help. You will be able to rent for a higher price if you make these improvements to your property.

Pay attention to the floors and carpets inside the home. Having new carpets is definitely a plus when setting a rental value. If your carpets are in good shape, you probably do not need to put in totally new ones, but you do want to make sure they are cleaned before you show the property to any potential residents. It will make a big difference in how residents feel when they come into your property, and what they will be willing to pay in order to rent it.

An image of a clean living room ith white sofa and tableHave everything ready and in place and looking good when you begin to show the house. When someone walks in the door or pulls up to the place, they will instant form a first impression, and first impressions have a lot of weight when it comes to how much you can charge for rent.

If you have any questions about those first impressions, or you need some other ideas about how to make sure you are getting the top dollar for your rental property, please do not hesitate to contact us at PURE Property Management. We would be happy to help.