Regular inspections are important to the maintenance and management of your rental property. Whether you are driving by the property to see how it looks from the outside or scheduling a time with the resident to enter the home and do a detailed inspection, you need to make sure you’re taking a look at what’s going on at the house from time to time.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the key things to remember when you’re inspecting the property is that this is a great opportunity to take care of preventative maintenance. Check to see if there’s any work that needs to be done to keep the place in excellent condition. Look at your caulking and make sure it’s fresh and updated. You don’t want any cracks because that can allow water intrusion. That can cause damage that’s a lot more expensive than a simple caulking job.

Lease Violations

Another thing to be aware of when you’re inspecting a property is that you can be alerted to potential problems and lease violations. It will give you an idea about the condition of your property, and you’ll know if your residents are taking care of it. You can also check to see if the residents have moved in additional people or if there are pets that have not been authorized.

Drive by Inspections

You don’t always have to go inside when you’re doing inspections. Doing a drive by will give you an idea if there are potential changes in the neighborhood. You can also get a look at the exterior condition of the property. There might be some wear and tear on the outside that needs attention.Keep your inspections on a regular schedule so you can be sure your residents are following the lease and any deferred maintenance is being addressed.

We feel inspections are an important part of managing your property, and we conduct inspections routinely at your home. If you have any questions about what to look for during an inspection, please contact us at PURE Property Management.