We are discussing lawn and yard choices for rental properties because we want to help you get the best qualified resident in the least amount of time, for the most rent possible. In order to do that, you have to make sure your lawn is appealing. Providing a well maintained yard is very important to the first impression that a potential resident will form. Paying attention to curb appeal will ensure your yard is more attractive and gets you the best possible residents.


Gravel versus Lawn

The benefit to having gravel instead of lawn is that the surface is easy to install and easy to maintain. There is no fuss or muss for either the landlord or the resident. There are also some negatives to gravel landscaping. This type of setting will usually attract dogs and cats in the neighborhood, which you do not necessarily want. It’s also not as attractive as a lush, green lawn and it’s very hard for children to comfortably play on. A lawn is always a better choice; just remember that it has to be maintained.

Lawn maintenance

Any time we manage a property that has a nice green lawn, we are always going to recommend to the owner that a gardener be provided to ensure the lawn is maintained well and always looks good. If the owner does not want to pay for the cost of a gardener, the second choice would be to include lawn maintenance responsibilities in the rental agreement. The lease would stipulate that the resident must maintain the lawn. If the resident fails to keep it maintained and looking good, then according to the contract, rent will be raised in order to cover the cost of a gardener or landscaping service. You will need to put this in writing so that everyone understands the expectations and the consequences.

An image of the lawn

Again, the whole purpose of a well maintained yard is to attract the most qualified residents on the rental market. It is better for children, better for your rent value and more pleasing to the eye. If you want to rent your home quickly to a good resident, you will opt for a lawn instead of gravel, and you will make sure that the lawn is in good condition and taken care of. Please contact us at PURE Property Management if you have any questions about the importance of landscaping, or if you need any additional information on how to keep your rental property looking great.